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Meet Joe Griffith

You're most likely visiting this page because you want to learn about me and what it might be like to work with me.

To be candid, I don’t really like to talk about myself. Writing this page was a personal challenge and forced me to get 'uncomfortable' and stretch by sharing who I am and what I believe with you.

Rest assured, your investment in consulting is so that we can focus on you and your business. I won’t spend our time talking about myself.





I believe in delivering real results

Over the years I have met hundreds of Entrepreneurs that willingly pour all of their time, money, blood, sweat and tears into their companies -- and still come up short on getting the results they want.

They're excellent at delivering value with their services and products, but less excellent at business – because they never got a business education or training.(After all, they studied law, insurance, accounting, learned a trade skill…not business!)

We have a saying in this industry – "You can't read the label from inside your own jar." And this is why we need to turn to someone outside of our business that has a fresh perspective and new insight. You simply can't do this for yourself.

I am able to give you that perspective and a system that will deliver the results you really want.

What makes you qualified to be a business consultant?

Unfortunately, the industry is unregulated and these days “everyone is a coach or consultant.”

I believe that real experience and results are the best qualifications anyone can have. I have launched, grown and sold more than four start-ups in the past 20 years. I have worked with dozens of business owners in the past eight years.

One of my first challenges as a 28 year old(kid) was accepting a partnership in a failing printing company. I worked tirelessly to learn the industry, understand the customer journey, and all the ins-and-out of a printing business - to successfully see the business turn a profit in just 18 months.

I know what it takes to grow a business!

My purpose is to be a force for positive change and to inspire others to achieve their goals. This is my code of conduct.

1. HONESTY. To be honest and truthful in all my relationships.

2. INTEGRITY. Demonstrate personal integrity and the courage of my convictions by doing what I think is right even when there is great pressure to do otherwise. I will not sacrifice principle for expediency, be hypocritical, or unscrupulous.

3. PROMISE-KEEPING & TRUSTWORTHINESS. To be candid and forthcoming in supplying relevant information and correcting misapprehensions of fact, and make every reasonable effort to fulfill the letter and spirit of my promises and commitments.

4. CONCERN FOR OTHERS. To be caring, compassionate, benevolent and kind; I like the Golden Rule, help those in need, and seek to accomplish their business objectives in a manner that causes the least harm and the greatest positive good.

5. RESPECT FOR OTHERS. Demonstrate respect for the human dignity, autonomy, privacy, rights, and interests of all those who have a stake in their decisions; I am courteous and treat all people with equal respect and dignity regardless of sex, race or national origin.

6. COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE. Pursue excellence in performing my duties, by continuing to keep well informed and prepared, and constantly endeavor to increase my proficiency in all areas of responsibility.

My Code of Conduct

What were you doing before this?

I've been consulting with clients since the 90's in various capacities. For the past 8 years business owners have paid me to solve their sales and marketing problems. It's been an interesting journey since it has only been recently that I've really understood my purpose in this world.

Now I have this new found insight. I understand what Steve Jobs meant in this quote: That only after you're there, can you then connect the dots. “You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever."

I've been self employed all my adult life. In the 90's I launched a bookkeeping company to make ends meet. From there I was invited to take on the challenge of turning around a failing printing company.

By 1999, the Internet was a hot place to be and I launched an Internet company that provided online print management services to medium and large businesses. I sold the business in 2008.

After enjoying a year and a half sailing adventure in the Sea of Cortez, I came back to Canada and launched a digital marketing company that morphed into a consulting business.

My entire work life has been dedicated to learning and understanding sales and marketing - and how to leverage technology to create a proactive system that will provide positive results.

Being nearly broke is a great motivator. I launched my first start-up when I was 25 years old. I was in a business program at UVIC when I realized I was quickly running out of money. Thinking about the fastest most direct route to cash, I started asking local business if they needed a bookkeeper... but all of them said something like, "they wouldn't just work with someone who walked in off the street."

So, I took out an advertisement in the Victoria Business Examiner that included my smiling mugshot that said, "Please welcome Joe Griffith to JP Financial Services. When you meet Joe, please welcome him to the community."

The next week, I took my copy in hand and revisited the same businesses, only this time I got a different 3 days I had 5 new clients and not only paid the rent, but I got to eat too!!

Eventually, I had a staff of 5 and sold the business to an accounting firm.

What do you do besides work?

When I'm not helping my clients achieve their goals...I'm busy pursuing my own.

  • I'm a dog lover at heart. I spend lots of time with my boy Brodie, going on hikes and walks. I was just recently elected to the Tri-Cities BCSPCA Community Council as the Chair for the Advocacy Committee.
  • I train in martial arts. I've been involved with the Vancouver Filipino Martial Arts community for several years. I've been training on and off in Jeet Kune Do for more than 6 years.
  • Challenging adventures. Every so often, I believe we all need to take on a big hairy scary challenge. My last big challenge was sailing 2,500km down the Mexican Baja. It took 2 months - and no one died!
  • Time with my partner Patty. Patty and I have a shared affection for knowledge. Much of our time together is used for discovery, education and asking questions. We laugh a lot!
  • Sharpening the saw. Stephen Covey talked about the importance of learning new skills. I use my free time to challenge stretch and learn something new.
  • Salsa. Speaking of something new, I'm on a quest to perfect my salsa recipe.

Are you open to connecting? It's a great day to start something big!

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A 350% return on my investment in just 90 days! Working with Joe has been wonderful. He took the time to learn about our business, our industry and then went to work putting together a marketing system that we use to generate more foot traffic and sales.

Gene Mass

Owner, Action (Bridal & Formal) Liquidators

Working with Joe was remarkable. He had a plan and walked me through the entire sales and marketing process step-by-step. I really like his laid back demeanor...he makes it easy to work with him.

Valerie Lowther

Rehabilitation Consultant

I have worked with Joe on several occasions and I have always been happy with the support. He provided a strategy and plan for what changes would drive customers to my site. His focus on how to convert interested visitors into paying customers has paid off in spades.

Doreen Hill, Owner

Doreen Hill Acupuncture

Joe has a very good understanding of how digital marketing works. He's also good at explaining it in business terms. This is a great combination and I will be recommending him regularly.

John Cameron, Owner

Rock Solid Business Coaching