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Lead generation

Generate B2B leads

The key to success in any marketing strategy is defining a specific target market, and LinkedIn gives you a great opportunity to generate these leads on a consistent basis. Think about it, where else would you have access to over 332 million decision-makers for free?

Build a b2b lead generating system that delivers a consistent flow of prospects - let Proactive Pathways' service for b2b lead generation help you:

  • Deliver targeted B2B sales leads
  • Optimize your profiles to present a strong value proposition to potential buyers
  • Drive your profile views up by 3-10X
  • Build your network with ideal target customers
  • Warm up prospects with useful content and social engagement
  • Require minimal time and effort from you

Benefits for your business:

1. Discovery

  • Learn how to reach more prospects using your LinkedIn account
  • Understand how to track and enhance your site’s performance
  • Learn how to leverage web technologies to increase your revenue

2. Expertise

  • We assess your business to define your website’s requirements
  • We prepare a build requirements document that outlines your site’s content and functionality
  • We lead the development of your website
  • We ensure your website is search engine optimized
  • We make sure website activity is tracked and a dashboard is built to make informed decisions
  • We help you to get ready for e-commerce and launch your web store with confidence

3. Support

  • Navigate the world of web development with confidence
  • Benefit from our experience as we define your site’s requirements
  • Feel confident as we ensure the quality of the website build

Do you qualify to work with me?

My reputation is dependent on my clients’ success, so I only work with businesses who meet a specific set of criteria.

This might be you if:

You have a small business that has been operating for 3+ years. You are an intelligent, ambitious, high achiever. You want to grow a successful business.

You’re willing to accept feedback, make changes and explore the world outside of your comfort zone. (This is where change happens!)

If you’re looking for a fast, magical solution or a way to succeed without working or changing, this is not for you.

Let's get started

Business consulting is as much about problem solving and helps clients develop business skills as it is about building revenue.

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A 350% return on my investment in just 90 days! Working with Joe has been wonderful. He took the time to learn about our business, our industry and then went to work putting together a marketing system that we use to generate more foot traffic and sales.

Gene Mass

Owner, Action (Bridal & Formal) Liquidators

Working with Joe was remarkable. He had a plan and walked me through the entire sales and marketing process step-by-step. I really like his laid back demeanor...he makes it easy to work with him.

Valerie Lowther

Rehabilitation Consultant

I have worked with Joe on several occasions and I have always been happy with the support. He provided a strategy and plan for what changes would drive customers to my site. His focus on how to convert interested visitors into paying customers has paid off in spades.

Doreen Hill, Owner

Doreen Hill Acupuncture

Joe has a very good understanding of how digital marketing works. He's also good at explaining it in business terms. This is a great combination and I will be recommending him regularly.

John Cameron, Owner

Rock Solid Business Coaching